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Anonymous asked: Speaking of dicks, do you accept nudes?

in general? yes, of course with consent from the submitter. but thats such a touchy subject each case is totally different…. idk how to answer this hahaha

Anonymous asked: This is completely irrelevant but are you feeling better now? The past couple of weeks you said you were feeling extremely depressed... I hope there isn't a lot on your mind.

thank you for checking in on me, you sweet person. im feeling much better because of the break and i dont have anything on my mind right now besides dicks tbh

Anonymous asked: how do you like hemlock grove? there is hardly any reviews on it and i trust your judgment.

out of 10 stars its a good 8. the plot is half stereotypical with the whole werewolves and vampires but i admire the set and cast! the cgi can get a little humorous but overall its a good show! i dont have anything to really complain about.

Anonymous asked: Hemlock Grove!!!! My mom wanted me to watch that with her and it was SO AWKWARD. I didn't like it at all :/. But maybe you will have better luck!

man im sorry! i could only imagine how torturously weird that must of been. im only on episode 7 but i like it! not the best, but worth watching once through

Anonymous asked: Hey Jessica! I'm wondering if your Storenvy model seach ended?

it ended last friday sorry ):

ran across my god tier robe and suddenly felt extremely nostalgic ): so!!! i’m going to be god tier rose at fanime’s homestuck gathering with princess as my john as always❤️❤️❤️ aw man im so excited to be rose again slviwslanwerbaq

roman and peter is so gay for each other its not even funny wtf theyre just OBSESSED with each other

theres so many sex scenes in hemlock grove and its only the first episode what