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Those special 7 who will be my first round of models have been decided and e-mailed with the header: new message from jess-ka! I’d like to thank the almost 300 participants in this search… you all are so beautiful it was definitely hard to decide on just 7. Kristina and I are leaving in the morning for our Reno retreat but will be back by Monday to work on Storenvy things!! 

Anonymous asked: Did you reply to all the applicants?

sadly not yet. i still have about 80 to go! tomorrow i’m picking the first round of models!

watchin the goblet of fire like this some magical hunger games shit

just packed my LUSH bombs, bubblebath, bathing suits, sexy undies, and movies for mine and kristina’s reno retreat to the tuscany tower!!!! its going to be so relaxing using our couple shower and jacuzzi bath tub im SO EXCITED❤️❤️

im lAUGHING SO HARD at gabriel sayin “bitch, please” im done. goodbye.

Anonymous asked: did you open your storenvy yet??? im dying to buy those bows!! no rush though hon, im just so excited. !!!
It’s not near completion but I listed the bows I have in mind right now for you, anon!! Thank you for being so supportive!!

Anonymous asked: can we put our skype or email for the contact portion of the model application?

yes you may!

replied to about 80 applicants thank you everyone for supporting me again but i have other stuff to do tonight so goodbye for now! if you have any questions please refer to the edited post (the link is now on my blog) or send me an ask!